The Clinical Yoga for Back Pain Course

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Happy client
Yoga Session Delivered in a Flowing and Considerate Way for All Ages and Body Shapes

Mike is not only a true expert of everything physiological but he also has a remarkable gift in teaching yoga in a flowing and considerate way that is inclusive of all ages and body shapes. 

I did the Yoga for Back Pain course and then the follow up course. 

After a year and a half of debilitating chronic sciatic back pain I am now pain free. A fantastic investment and I completely recommend the Yoga Physios.


I can thoroughly recommend this course.

Mike starts each session with a discussion of the causes and effects of back pain and then leads the group through a series of exercises and stretches that build flexibility and strength. 

There is a focus on correct breathing patterns during the exercises and some mindfulness but the course is both practical and physical. 

Mike's instructions and demonstrations are clear, his manner friendly and supportive. It has been a real help in managing back pain - and introducing me to the world of Yoga!

Dr Guy 

I have had back pain and shoulder pain constantly for 7 years. My range of movement was really limited and it really affected my life but I learnt to live with it. I had visited various practitioners and tried various alternative medications, but nothing really helped.

I had seen the Yogaphysios course 'Clinical Yoga for Back Pain' advertised and I thought I would give it a try.

After the first week my back pain dissappeared. Over the weeks my shoulder pain has gone aswell and my range of movement has increased.

I am so happy!

In the first half an hour of the sessions Mike talks about pain and the back which is really interesting. I am practicing the yoga 2 times a week which keeps the pain away.

This course should be recommended by doctors.

I Now Have a Different Relationship with my Back!
I attended the six week course Clinical Yoga for Back Pain with Mike earlier in the spring.

I thought I would just be doing some exercises to relieve the pain I had at that time. However it was soooo much more than that because I now have a different relationship with my back!

I know why I get back pain, how breathing can help and how to listen to what my back is saying and treat it accordingly! I was given a very useful Course Handbook to refer back to at home and a useful set of balls to do exercises with. Yes I did of course do exercises to relieve the pain I had at that time but the course gave me life long skills to manage my back for myself!

I would definitely go back to Mike for treatment or classes if the need arose again because he inspired me with confidence through the thorough knowledge he has in the field of Physio and Yoga... What a great combination! Thanks Mike. 


Mike is not just a top notch professional who knows so much about pain theory and back problems, he is also great fun and a really warm and supportive teacher and therapist.

Both the prep course and the regular classes have helped me so much that I experience less pain and am much stronger and more flexible. 

I cannot recommend highly enough the classes and individual treatment that The Yoga Physios provide.

Mike, I just wanted to say a big thank you for the last 6 weeks.

For me, the course has been completely life changing, I'm so so glad I decided to sign up for it.

Best wishes for the future.

Wonderful course that has really helped me, not just with back pain, but to feel more relaxed. 

I'd recommend it to anyone.

Dr Matt 
Pain Relief Through Exercise Not Medicines
I used to suffer lower back pain and also pain due to a new hip. 

I thought I needed some form of medicine. I didn't I needed exercise that Michael provides. 

Since starting the classes the pain has disappeared


I have just finished the 6 session class of yoga for back pain and fully recommend it.

We started each session with Mike teaching us about our backs and sharing latest understanding of pain and how to manage it. Fascinating.

It felt totally reassuring doing the exercises with someone I could fully trust. I feel much more confident in my back's ability to heal and be well. 

Thanks so much Mike.

Excellent Investment in Self-Care 
Fantastic course that's finally given me back confidence using my back. 

Highly recommend.


I have found the last six weeks so so helpful for getting on top of my back pain. 

The combination of physio chat at the beginning and then an hour of practical yoga tailored to helping bad backs is such a good idea! 

Would highly recommend to anyone struggling with their back, it's made a big difference to mine. 

Thanks Mike!

I found the Yoga for Backs course pitched at just the right level for me. 

It was educational as well as physically beneficial.

Worthwhile Course to Address Any Back Pain
The 6 week yoga course for back pain with Michael was really worthwhile.

It has really helped my back problem and also given me the tools to know what to do if and when pain arises in the future - often due to me overdoing things!

He addresses many misconceptions and makes back pain in general a much more accessible area of understanding.


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