The Clinical Yoga for Back Pain Course

Online Course

What is it?
The Clinical Yoga for Back Pain Course is a unique opportunity to spend 6 weeks with an experienced chartered physiotherapist and yoga teacher, learning about your spine, how it moves, why it can sometimes become a problem, and what to do about it. 
Our comprehensive and evidence-based course gives you the tools you need to take control of your own back, keep it healthy and strong, and avoid future problems.
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What Should I Expect?
We use specific yoga postures and sequences to retrain better movement patterns, incorporating breathing and self-treatment techniques to improve your spine's mobility, flexibility, strength, control and general health.
Sessions begin with a short Q&A on various topics surrounding the spine, providing a chance to ask a profesional your burning questions and gain a deeper understanding. We then move on to an hour long flowing sequence of spine-specific yoga positions (asanas). Classes progress week by week with a different practical theme every week.
During the course you will be taught various breathing exercises and self-treatment techniques, allowing you to safely treat your own back and regain control over your body.
Who is it for?
The beauty of yoga is that it can be used to benefit people of all ages and abilities. This class is appropriate for anyone who wants to learn how to maintain a healthy spine on a daily basis. Participants on previous courses have ranged from 16-75 years old.
The course is suitable for all levels but it is important that you are able to get on and off the floor yourself.  If you have sciatica as well as low back pain, please chat to us prior to commencing with the course, as you might benefit from an assessment before starting. If you have any concerns about your general health, suitability, or would like to know more, please feel free to contact us.  
Why this course?­­
The course is run by a chartered physiotherapist and yoga teacher. Physiotherapists are experts in assessing, diagnosing, treating and managing back conditions. We are are a 'chartered' profession, registered with the CSP and HCPC, and base our assessment and treatment on the latest available evidence.
Many scientific studies have confirmed that yoga is an effective tool for reducing back pain, which is why it now forms part of the NICE guidelines for back pain management. The yoga poses and sequences used on the course have been specifically chosen and tailored for people who experience back pain, focussing on improve the spine's mobility, strength and general health.
The course is designed to promote autonomy and geared towards helping you become an expert in managing your own spine, so you will have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
What will we cover?
Week 1: Spinal mobility
Week 2: Hip mobility
Week 3: Hip strength/control & Self treatment upper spine
Week 4: Core strength/control & Self treatment lower spine
Week 5: Breathing & Relaxation techniques
Week 6: Combining poses
Research tells us that our spines work best when they are both mobile and strong. With this in mind, the course begins gently, teaching movement awareness, differentiation of body parts, and mobility.
The focus progresses to control and strength, and the body is gradually challenged to become more and more mobile and resilient as the weeks progress.
At the end of the course, participants are usually at the level of the regular weekly classes, and are given the opportunity to attend.
Course conversations
Week 1: Understanding how our spines are put together
Week 2: What is pain & what causes back pain
Week 3: Movement & yoga
Week 4: Flair-ups & how to manage them
Week 5: The art of breathing & movement
Week 6: Q&A
Will I need an assessment?
Most course participants choose to book a thorough individual physiotherapy assessment prior to starting the course. This is not a prerequisite to joining the course, but it can help to highlight any specific issues, which you might then wish to focus on during the course.
If you would like to arrange an assessment or a one-to-one yoga session before the course starts, please contact us to arrange an online session via Zoom. When we are able to resume face-to-face sessions, you will be able to book in at our our clinic; Ashton Physiotherapy.
What kit do I need?
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Wear loose-fitting or stretchy clothes that are comfortable and allow you to move easily. Yoga is usually practiced barefoot but some people prefer to wear (grippy) socks.
We'd recomend that you invest in a yoga mat. You'll need this for the course sessions, to use whilst developing your own practice between sessions, and if you choose to continue with the online classesa. If you'd like any recommendations feel free to ask us.
From week three you will need to have access to a pair of tennis/ spiky massage balls. We use these for teaching self-treatment techniques.
How does it work?

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Send us an email or give us a call and you can decide if the course would be right for you.


You can pay online via BACS.

Join us on Zoom

You'll recieve a Zoom link before each session. Follow the link just before the session starts to come and join us.

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