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Happy client
Eve's pregnancy yoga course is so much more than simply yoga. 

Small classes mean that you get a lot of one to one support and personalised advice that is evidence based. It's a friendly and relaxed environment in which to meet other pregnant women too. 

The venue was cosy, beautiful and comfortable. Eve is a fantastic teacher who explains things clearly and gives plenty of opportunity for questions. 

Packed with information and techniques that helped me prepare for birth and beyond I would highly recommend it.

Dr Catherine 
The pregnancy yoga was perfect! I felt like I was doing proper exercise without over doing it.

Having a professional to get me in the correct positions made me feel confident that I was providing the best for my baby. My lower back pain improved with these sessions as Eve was able to use her Physio skills to manipulate my body carefully and safely.

I would highly recommend doing pregnancy yoga with Eve.

The sessions are well differentiated to the needs of every individual, relaxed, fun and give you a much needed bit of ‘you’ time before the baby arrives.

Excellent Pre and Post Natal Massage and Yoga
Eve is extremely knowledgable about women’s health and takes excellent of us in post natal class. Her classes are always challenging and relaxing.

I also saw Eve for both pre and post natal yoga which has always been wonderful. So therapeutic and targeted and helped with aches and pains of pregnancy and post birth.

I can not recommend her highly enough and her massage and classes are ridiculously good value for money.

Eve’s postnatal recovery yoga was just what I needed after my second baby. 

Her physiological knowledge was so helpful- particularly when it came to pelvic floor exercises! She made it so easy for us to have our babies there too. 

Highly recommended!

Fabulous Baby Yoga Classes 
I have been attending Eve's 'baby yoga' classes for about 6 months now. It's great that it's something you can do while your baby is with you which is helpful especially in the early days. Everyone is in the same situation so dipping in and out of the session to feed/comfort/change baby is normal.

The classes are a good level of difficulty where you can take it easier in the early days but can push yourself as you regain your strength.

The classes provide a haven of calm and we all leave feeling refreshed and about 6 inches taller.

Excellent Post Natal Yoga Classes 
Eve is an excellent yoga teacher that is fully aware of our needs as individuals. She ensures our bodies are pushed enough to tone up postnatally, but also doesn't ignore the rest of the body so you come away feeling refreshed, standing straighter, and with a healthy ache to your muscles after a good workout and stretch.

The environment of the classes is very relaxed, and they add a welcome routine to the week - I can already feel the difference to my body after 4 sessions!

I have been joining her classes through zoom during the current lockdown, but will definitely be making the extra journey to her classes in modbury despite the distance - it's worth it! 

Eve's Post Natal Yoga 
I have been doing Eve's post natal yoga for the last year in both her classes in modbury and continuing now via zoom. It has provided a chance in the week to strengthen and relax.

She provides a calm yet relaxing space where you can join in on what you can whilst being able to pause to feed/change nappies etc.

I have met some nice new people too. I would highly recommend her classes. 

Dr Catherine 
Post Natal Yoga 
Eve’s postnatal yoga classes have been excellent and her knowledge of postnatal issues has really helped me.

I would highly recommend. 

Great Way to Support Body Through Pregnancy 
Big thanks to Eve for her antenatal yoga class. It was a great opportunity to learn more about my changing body and how to support my physical health during pregnancy and birth.

Eve is a great teacher and it was lovely to spend time with other expectant mums. 


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